Private Tours

Private Tours

In our language private does not mean expensive. The prices are structured to accommodate groups and families who want to spend the day together. This private option works out cheaper per person than the scheduled tours as the group size increases. You can choose to have an experienced guide take you out for the day or you can decide to see the area with a driver who is familiar with the routes.
You may know exactly where you would like to go, or you can discuss your interests with us and with our knowledge we will try match your perfect tour.
We do not include entrance fees or extras in the price so that you only pay for what you choose to do on the day.
Explore Cape Town at your leisure, where you can choose from any one of the following options.

Charter Tours
We provide the driver and the vehicle and we will pick up and drop off your group of any size at an address of your choice in or near Cape Town. You are free to decide on the itinerary / route within a specific time frame.
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We cater for big groups – for 11 pax and more please contact Norm for quote
Terms and Conditions
Full Day Private tours duration – 9 hours and app 100km radius
Half Day Private tours duration – 5 hours and app 100 km radius
Extra costs will apply for extra time and distance

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Scheduled tours

Scheduled tours

Cape Town has many very beautiful sites to see. We would like to show them to you in the most comfortable and relaxed manner possible.
Scheduled tours are designed for the traveller who enjoys socialising and meeting up with other travellers whilst taking in all of the most important sites on the route that has been chosen.
You will be picked up and dropped off at your accommodation in or near Cape Town and to keep the tour intimate the group size is limited to a maximim of 10 pax. ( Shark Diving and Safari transfers may use bigger size busses.)
We reserve the right to adjust routes due to unforeseen circumstances and outsource bookings should we need to do so.

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Winelands Tours

Winelands Tours

Wine touring is about more than just tasting the excellent wines South Africa has to offer. It is also about the beautiful scenery of mountains and vines, the modern and historical architecture of the various people that have settled here, and the cuisine and culture of the locals. On our tours, we will share this with you, leaving you with a lasting impression of the area and an honest perspective of some of our people.
First time wine tourers do not be afraid, we would like to introduce you to wine in the most comfortable and unintimidating manner. We believe that it is about enjoyment of the experience and the moment, hence we steer clear of the pretentious and serious side of wine touring, unless of course, if that is what you specifically request.
You can spend a day with us on one of our scheduled day tours pre-planned around a variety of wine estates to give you a good idea of the mix of modern to historical and small to big. Or you can choose to go on a private tour with your family and friends where we will plan a route around your interests.

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