Wine touring is about more than just tasting the excellent wines South Africa has to offer. It is also about the beautiful scenery of mountains and vines, the modern and historical architecture of the various people that have settled here, and the cuisine and culture of the locals. On our tours, we will share this with you, leaving you with a lasting impression of the area and an honest perspective of some of our people.
First time wine tourers do not be afraid, we would like to introduce you to wine in the most comfortable and unintimidating manner. We believe that it is about enjoyment of the experience and the moment, hence we steer clear of the pretentious and serious side of wine touring, unless of course, if that is what you specifically request.
You can spend a day with us on one of our scheduled day tours pre-planned around a variety of wine estates to give you a good idea of the mix of modern to historical and small to big. Or you can choose to go on a private tour with your family and friends where we will plan a route around your interests.

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